Transparent LED Display Screens in Australia

It’s time to get creative with your advertising and promotional messaging. Transparent LED screens and displays are a clever way to market products that is a little different from traditional LED screens. Our range of transparent displays allow customers to consume your message whilst also glimpsing into the window your shop, building, or venue. As an alternative to standard advertising, your business is sure to stand out from the crowd. Ideal for indoor locations, our transparent screens are the perfect solution for brands who want to boost their reach without obscuring customers’ sightline into the store.

Why Choose Transparent LED?

Many businesses are coming to prefer transparent screens and displays as they don’t block out light or the view on either side of the screen – if this LED display is mounted on a window, customers and staff will be able to see in and out. This means that whilst adverts and promotional material is being played on the screens, wares and products will still be able to be seen in the window display. This is a refreshing solution for businesses that are seeking alternative methods of advertising. Consumers are often attracted to new and exciting spectacles, and transparent LED screens have been proven to not only draw the eye of customers, but to remain memorable to them long after they’ve left the shopping precinct.

Make the Smarter Choice – Choose Transparent LED Screens.

Choose the easiest way to advertise your business and stick in your customers’ minds. With transparent LED display screens, you’re sure to make an impression. As well as advertising solutions, Electronic Signage Australia supplies a range of portable scoreboards and video scoreboards for sporting and social clubs. To discover more, request a quote or speak directly on 03 9894 1963 or email