Full colour LED Video Scoreboards are the ultimate showpiece for any sporting club. With the ability to be programmed for any sport, Video Boards provide clubs, schools and sponsors with a fully customisable display that is certain to please all and reap benefits for years to come.

The high quality display of video scoreboards means they can also be used to show movies, do live streaming and show television; providing clubs and communities with the opportunity to use the scoreboard other than just on match days.


  • Provide full colour display of scores for a variety of sports-AFL, cricket, soccer, rugby, hockey and baseball
  • Provide full colour display of team/club/player names and time clock and quarter/half
  • Feature full colour full screen display of club logos, sponsor logos, sponsor ads, player photos and much more
  • Scrolling text display for club announcements & information, sponsor names & messages during match time
  • Can be used for live streaming, showing movies, TV/Foxtel
  • Remote operation up to 1km or direct cable link
  • Operate off standard 240v power with amps required dependent on size of video board

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