Electronic Signage Australia (ESA) have fully integrated our software with the new PlayHQ live scoring for both AFL & Cricket.

It will work as follows:

  • Ensure your scoreboard computer is connected to the internet via any network available.
  • Open up the ESA software and select the game that is to be scored (the game will appear in the software as long as you have set it up through the PlayHQ portal).
  • From here you can score through the PlayHQ live score portal from anyone’s device and from anywhere around the sports ground. The feed from that scoring device will feed straight onto the electronic scoreboard. The scoring persons device must be connected to the internet either via 3G, 4G, 5G or on any network available.


  • Score from anywhere at the ground
  • Animations for a goal, 4, 6, wicket and duck automatically triggered via the PlayHQ scoring portal
  • Show sponsor logos/videos, player profiles etc at the touch of a button
  • Cost to receive the PlayHQ data feed to show on your scoreboard is $400 + GST per annum per sport

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