Electronic Cricket Scoreboard For Sale Australia

Watching the local cricket is a weekend activity many Australians love to indulge in. Parking yourself on the grass with some snacks, drinks, and some mates is an ideal afternoon – but having to get up constantly to check the score isn’t. Choose a scoreboard that wants to be seen. Electronic Signage Australia supplies easy-to-read cricket scoreboards that are designed for easy viewing all the way across the pitch. Featuring all the information you need to keep tabs on a match, reach out to our friendly team to learn more about the electronic cricket scoreboards we have for sale.

Why Choose an Electronic Scoreboard?

If you’re a cricket supporter, you know how much passion drives your love for the game. Make sure you know when your support will be most appreciated by keeping a watchful eye on a clear, large scoreboard. Clubs choose Electronic Signage Australia for their cricket scoreboards because they’re user-friendly and can broadcast all the important match details all the way across the oval. With our scoreboards, you’ll be able to easily keep track of runs, wickets, and the total score, as well as the time and the overs. There are also options to include rolling messages welcoming visitors to your club, or to advertise sponsors. We have options for rugby, AFL, and soccer scoreboards, too.

Trusted Suppliers of Cricket Scoreboards

Make sure everyone has a clear view of the score. When you want to keep track of the game stats, make sure you know how the score is changing, as it happens live. We are a popular choice for electronic cricket scoreboards, as well as offering a range of other information boards for sale. These include message boards, transparent LED screens, portable scoreboards, video scoreboards, and poster boards. If you have any questions about the scoreboards we have for sale, chat to the team at Electronic Signage Australia for more information. You can request a quote or speak directly on 03 9894 1963 or email info@esignsaus.com.