AFL Scoreboards for sale in Australia

If you’re a fan of local footy, you know that finding the best spot to watch the game often depends on how well you can see the scoreboard. When you want to make sure your fans and supporters can keep track of the scoreboard, choose from of Electronic Signage Australia’s AFL scoreboards. A staple for sporting clubs, our scoreboards are specially designed for AFL to reflect the essentials – goals, behinds, team names, and which quarter is being played. Help your supporters celebrate your lead – or spur on your comeback – with our easy-to-see scoreboards.

Help Your AFL Fans Follow the Game

When there’s a nail biter being thrashed out, you want to make sure you’ve got one eye on the scoreboard at all times – especially when that clock is getting closer and closer to the final siren. Electronic Signage Australia’s AFL scoreboards are large enough to be seen from all the way across the ground, especially important for full-sized ovals. With illuminated numbers and words, you’ll be able to make out the score even in less than ideal conditions. That’s why the sports scoreboards we have for sale are in high demand for other codes such as rugby, cricket, soccer, and many more. Discover which types of sporting and social organisations use our boards by speaking to our team.

Learn More About Our AFL Scoreboards

Don’t leave your fans guessing – when you need to broadcast the score of an AFL match, choose one of Electronic Signage Australia’s scoreboards. As well as providing boards that are easy to use and show live updates of who’s in the lead, we are a popular and trusted source of information and message boards, transparent LED screens, portable scoreboards, video scoreboards, and poster boards. For more information about the range we have for sale or to request a quote, you can reach us on 03 9894 1963 or email