Add to the excitement and buzz of your sporting events with a multi-purpose electronic scoreboard for use in major and junior soccer, rugby and hockey competitions — available for sale at the most competitive prices.

Featuring an attractive displays to showcase basic statistics and team information (including shots, saves, tries, conversions, SOG and more), this scoreboard allows critical information to be visible. With a significant amount of space available for scrolling text, the unit can also display announcements, important stats, sponsorship promotion and any other desired message. Designed to be completely engaging and gain the attention of all eyes, our scoreboards are sleek, fully functional and reliable.

Just like the rest of our range available for sale, Electronic Signage Australia soccer, rugby and hockey scoreboards are crafted from exceptionally lightweight aluminum, and are backed by an optional freestanding steel frame. Boasting the ability to be attached to a trolley for easy mobility and secure storage, this scoreboard is convenient for a variety of soccer, rugby and hockey contexts. If you’re after a unit that utilises the latest technology and computing software, then look no further than a Electronic Signage Australia scoreboard for soccer, rugby and hockey.

Key features

• Electronic Scrolling Text Message Display that can be configured for sponsor exposure, match stats, other match scores, player stats, announcements etc
• Easy-to-use software
• WiFi connectivity
• Team and player display
• Game timer
• Amber, red and green LED colours
• 256mm digits
• Waterproof finish
• 24 month warranty

Optional Extras:

  • Siren

For more information on our soccer, rugby and hockey scoreboards, please get in touch with our friendly team. We’re always available to assist you with your queries and provide helpful information.