Good quality signage is the gateway to an enriched school community.

At ESA, we are passionate about helping all schools, whether primary, secondary, public or independent, enhance the experience and connection they have with their communities.

We offer two different products to the education sector:

Information signs

A professional sign at the front gate is an opportunity to showcase the school’s brand and visual identity. It allows passersby to engage with activities at the school and build its reputation within the local community.


Sports clubs and teams can be at the heart of a school community and our scoreboards are an all-round winner, from basic scoring to video boards that can show replays and animations enhancing the thrill of the sporting experience.

Visual cues and reminders

There are always a number of events occurring at schools on a weekly basis and this can either be promoted to the local community via an information sign at the front gate or a smaller sign within the grounds for students. It’s also a great way to remind students through various visual cues on the school values and mission to build a strong internal school community.

School pride

The reinforcement of key achievements at the school is an integral way of instilling a sense of school pride amongst students and teachers. A good quality information sign can achieve this not just internally but also communicate to potential new intake and the wider public.

Business partners and supporters

A full colour electronic sign also allows schools to promote its business partners and supporters. With a scrolling screen you can display the logos and messages from your financial supporters giving them high quality exposure to the community in return for their support.