Welcome to the future of real estate – U-Bid.

Electronic Signage Australia is an exclusive provider of digital auction display units to real estate agents.

The U-Bid is a proven enhancer to the bidding process as the clear signage alleviates confusion and inspires buyers to bid more, so you can sell homes with ease.

Set yourself apart from your peers with a full-colour LED screen that can be seen clearly up to 30 meters away and used for showcasing the property pre-auction as well as advertising space for your services.

Closing the deal

The U-Bid device is a market-first and is specifically designed to capture buyers’ attention and will not only enhance the auction experience for agents, vendors and buyers but will also support you in closing the deal with potential vendors.

In a digitally-fuelled world, the product breaks the mould in technology for the auction process and

positions you as a leading agent in the local area.


With a full colour display the U-Bid can be used as an advertising platform for your agency, listings, recent sales results, affiliates, sponsors and more! Use the auction day as an opportunity to engage with new potential vendors.

Extra features

  • At auction, the U-Bid provides a recorded bidding report so no need for note-taking, leaving more time to focus on buyers
  • The U-Bid portable LED display separates in 2 parts and comes with a tablet loaded with user friendly auction software.
  • Purchase of the product also comes with a detachable agency branding board, 1/2 day full training for agency staff and a comprehensive user manual with 12-month warranty.

Contact us to find out more via info@esignsaus.com or call 0423 009 665