We are Australia’s most trusted supplier of auction LED screens and real estate auction boards, giving you a premium product for your next property sale. Sell homes with ease by attracting the right buyer. We provide auction boards for hire at all of your auctions – so no matter your agencies needs, we can provide you any solution on that all important auction day.

With our specially designed screens and auction boards, you will attract attention and position yourself as a top-tier real estate agency, ready to sell houses with record success.

Improve the accessibility of the sale

We have designed the boards to increase the advertising opportunities for your agency on auction day, and with information displayed prominently on LED screens at the front of the event, there will be fewer language barriers or misunderstandings.

Open up your sales market to a wider variety of investors, with the U-Bid auction screens.

Reflect the professionalism of your agency

Each screen is made specific to the requirements of all agencies – with an extensive knowledge of the industry, we have designed the dimensions according to what attracts buyers, and what sells. Your logo appears on the screen to tap into your marketing efforts and provide a point of recognition for customers who walk by.

Contact us to find out more

If you have any questions for our customer service team, or wish to discuss your unique requirements, please contact us today. Whatever you have in mind, we will be more than happy to chat with you about your custom LED boards and screens.