What are the scoreboard dimensions?


What are the digit sizes and maximum viewing distance for the scoreboard?

Medium Model
All sections of the Scoreboard = 256mm
Maximum Viewing Distance = 150-160m

What power requirements are needed to operate the scoreboard?

Power requirements are dependent on the board ordered however the majority of Electronic Signage Australia LED Scoreboards operate on the standard 240 volts or 5-10 amps.

Can we operate the scoreboard wireless?

Yes. Every Electronic Signage Australia LED scoreboard operates in wireless form via long-range outdoor Wi-Fi receiver and laptop (both provided by Electronic Signage Australia at no additional cost). The wireless signal reaches up to 300m, meaning it can be operated from wherever the scorer/s wish to sit. Every scoreboard can also be operated via a hardwire that connects straight to the scoreboard from the laptop.


How is the scoreboard installed and what costs are involved?

Installation and associated costs are dependent upon which type of structure the scoreboard will be put into, that being whether it is going into a pre-existing structure or if it will be freestanding, and whether or not there is a power supply accessible.

If you decide you would like your scoreboard to be freestanding, then Electronic Signage Australia can provide a freestanding structures for your club / school.

Electronic Signage Australia steel structures feature black powder coating and a straight roof that can be fitted with an electric shutter.

Our structures include engineering documentation for loadings and structure designs, including a Form 15 Compliance Certificate for building Design or Specification which is accepted by councils Australia-wide.

Electronic Signage Australia is happy to visit clubs / schools at their earliest convenience to determine how to best install each scoreboard.


How will we know how to operate the scoreboard?

Every Electronic Signage Australia LED scoreboard comes complete with your very own laptop together with easy-to-use scoring software. A Electronic Signage Australia representative will visit each club / school and provide a tutorial on how to operate the scoreboard. An instruction manual will also be provided with every scoreboard.


What are the delivery costs?

Delivery cost of the scoreboard and any extras are determined on a location basis.

How do we protect the scoreboard when it’s not in use?

shutterElectronic Signage Australia can provide an extruded aluminium shutter as an additional option upon request.

What colour is the shutter?

The standard shutter colour is black. Other colours are available upon request but may incur an additional cost.

What material is the scoreboard made out of?

Every Electronic Signage Australia scoreboard is made from premium aluminium composite.

Is the scoreboard waterproof?

Yes. Every Electronic Signage Australia scoreboard is 100% waterproof.

What warranty comes with the scoreboard?

Electronic Signage Australia provides a 12 month warranty on all scoreboards (parts & labour).

How long are your quotations valid?

Electronic Signage Australia quotations are valid for a period of 30 days from the date issued.

What are your payment terms?

Payment terms are 50% deposit / 40% due prior to delivery and 10% due upon commissioning.


Can our club/school design our own sized custom scoreboard for AFL/Cricket?

Of course! Simply email us via or call us on 0413 797 412 with your requirements and we will be in touch.